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Bobi Carr ("parker")
@bobi-carr-parker • 2 weeks ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on China Trade deal good for Natural Gas?:
"Looks great to me!"
Bobi Carr ("parker")
@bobi-carr-parker • 2 weeks ago • comments: 6
Created a new discussion "China Trade deal good for Natural Gas?":
"Washington (CNN)A new trade deal will allow US beef and natural gas exports to flow into China while opening up the US market for cooked poultry and Chinese..."
Bobi Carr ("parker")
@bobi-carr-parker • 3 weeks ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on My Son's Teacher Sent Me This Photo:
"That's awesome!"
Bobi Carr ("parker")
Bobi Carr ("parker")
@bobi-carr-parker • 2 months ago • comments: 5
"That sounds like a whole lot of natural gas coming into the market through associated gas while they are drilling for oil.  Doesn't sound like great news for..."
Bobi Carr ("parker")
@bobi-carr-parker • 3 months ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on CUL across 3 sections??? Wow, has a Haynesville well been drilled this long before?:
"This sure could drive down costs for operators."
Bobi Carr ("parker")
@bobi-carr-parker • 3 months ago • comments: 7
Created a new discussion "CUL across 3 sections??? Wow, has a Haynesville well been drilled this long before?":
12/03/08 10:20:13PM @rozzy:
Thank you Parker for the birthday wish. :)
Snake Stewart
12/03/08 10:45:56PM @snake-stewart:
Thanks for your input on my question.
Snake Stewart
12/03/08 10:54:14PM @snake-stewart:
You are always expert enough for me and thats plenty good enough for me. Have a good one.
12/04/08 12:03:29PM @the-baron:
Parker, I have posted some comments in the discusion about prescription. You are correct that reworking a well interupts prescription, as does a succesful production test on a shut in well.
Dion Warr, CPL
12/08/08 10:25:11AM @dion-warr-cpl:
Parker<<br />Looks like J-W's getting kind of close from the north side. They've got a well going down in 5-16-12... Heard anything?
David Smith
12/11/08 01:34:45PM @david-smith:
Parker,You been shopping your leases around at all?If you'd like to write directly, it's
David Smith
12/11/08 03:21:17PM @david-smith:
where is your land?mine is in southeast desoto; 100 acresdo you live nearby? I may have told you I live in Florida
David Smith
12/11/08 05:38:03PM @david-smith:
Do you live there? Why do you come here so much? Are they drilling near your land? I don't see anything happening in southeast DeSoto for a few years, probably after my 2011 option, and it just seems like spinning my wheels to think about it a lot. And anyway, my landman is a cousin with JW Porter who has his own land in the same general area, and I can find out from him when drilling down there should begin
David Smith
12/11/08 11:08:55PM @david-smith:
I'm leased to chesapeake (honeycutt hill). you?do you live there in south bossier?what does unitizing mean? sounds like preppingI dont know why you're thinking of selling if you're anticipating drilling so soon
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
12/12/08 02:31:49PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
p. The Dec. 9 announcement on HK's website is only one page. I looked around but did not find a link. I would love to see their map. I am working on one. Send a link or info when you have time. Have a good weekend.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
12/14/08 11:25:02PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Thank you, Parker. Got it.
Anna Mauck-Member Services
01/06/09 01:13:26PM @anna-faith-mauck:
Great meeting you too 'Parker'! That was a lot of fun for us, meeting all ya'll. Blessings on your new year! Keep in touch. Louisianagirl (anna)
Nancy Snyder
01/06/09 04:36:51PM @nancy-snyder:
Thanks Parker!
01/08/09 11:19:33PM @va:
Thanks, Parker!
01/16/09 12:11:59AM @geo-bcf:
EUR per section is the $64000 question. I am still not sure what the gas-in-place per section will work out to be. The EUR is going to be dependant on the length of the lateral and the number of fracture treatments per lateral. Not sure what the % recovery will be until we get some more production information. It will be fun to watch as HK starts completing 6 wells/mo like they indicate in their most recent inv presentation.
Margaret Wren
01/18/09 07:06:41PM @margaret-wren:
I have had Cotton Valley wells for some time, with 5 more permitted, I am just patiently waiting for Haynesville...... I am doing great just busy being Nanny to my youngest grandson which is quite a job, I had forgotten how busy mine kept me when I was young...I'm not as young as I used to be lol.
Margaret Wren
01/18/09 07:07:24PM @margaret-wren:
oops, i forgot to say Thank You!
Spring Branch,mineral owner
01/23/09 03:27:09PM @spring-branchmineral-owner:
I don't think so Parker, tho he was right about that lateral being only perforated in 15/11 Section 20 even though the pad to drill the well is in section 29. If you have any specific questions you need him to answer, I'll get the question to him and get back to you with an answer. This is for you, not general consumption.
Two Dogs, Pirate
01/28/09 01:59:34PM @two-dogs-pirate:
I tried to send it but it came back. I will do it again.
01/30/09 11:16:00PM @cathaus:
Thanks Parker. We arrived about noon and have been eating and drinking our way across the French Quarter since then! I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow evening. Knock 'em dead!!!
02/01/09 12:21:27PM @taylor:
Parker, Saw your blog about the ROW. Glad you agreed to go. Knew you would do a great job!
02/02/09 05:11:12AM @sesport:
Parker - Took me awhile to find you since I met you by your actual name. Enjoyed meeting you, think it wonderful that your involved with those ROW classes. And don't you EVER, EVER introduce yourself to someone again and respond to the question, "Where do you work? with the reply "I don't work." Take care, sesport
02/02/09 02:06:54PM @sarah2:
Parker, thanks so much for seeing my ? on Two Dogs page and leaving me a reply. And thank you, thank you thank you for the referal to the Fort Worth firm. Maybe they've had experience in the Barnett Shale.I will be sure to it to limit drilling to whatever they are drilling in. Good advice, thanks. Hubby's on his way to meet with the landman now. Not to sign anything but the landman drove all the way up here, and we wanted to at least hear what he had to say about what was in the contract.Lagniappe...that's a fancy word I had to look up! Not one I had ever heard before. No, we don't want to be giving out lagniappes. :) I see you like that word. Read your latest (blog entry). BTW, glad you had such a good time at the ROW class. I hope you do polish up your resume' and make a healthy living in the buisness.I also read your blog on how you fell in love here. That was a good read also. Although I had to change the voice in my head when reading your posts from a male voice to a female voice. :) I too thought you were a guy with the name Parker. Sorry!So did you actually get the no surface claus put in on your contract? You said they wouldn't do it, but you insisted. Did they give in to you?Take care,SarahI don't blame you for not wanting wells all over your property.
02/02/09 06:00:46PM @haleyeah:
Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I give them a figure and they said they would get back with me after the holidays and I haven't heard a word from them. I'm just gonna wait it out now. I heard that in Mar. there will be some more leasing going on.
02/03/09 11:11:36PM @sarah2:
I'm so glad you got the surface clause. Thank God! I know you have a lot of acreage and don't need it torn up by the oil and gas companies. I don't think landmen are the enemy either. Some on this site have been rather obnoxious but...there are also a lot of good guys. Robert Oliver sounds like a landman though. Just sayin. :) Dont know that for sure.Thanks so much for the encouraging post. And thanks for all the great advice!Am taking it to heart and leaving it up on my comment wall for others to read also.many blessings,SarahTake care,Sarah.But with something that is out of your expertise why not hire a professional. This is literally something that could affect generations to come. It is only prudent to protect your best interests. Lagniappe is a Louisiana term meaning a little something extra. I sometimes forget just how far this site reaches. I hope that this is all a wonderful blessing for your family. Enjoy the providence that God has given to your family.Comment Back View Thread Add as Friend
02/05/09 04:43:32PM @jaybird:
Hey Parker,I think you have dealt with this before, if not sorry to bother you.If a company wants to run a gas line to an existing well through 50feet of my property and pay me for 75feet...what is the going rate? I have read they pay per foot and I hear they pay per rod.Also, what is the measurement of a rod?Thanks in advance,Jaybird
02/05/09 07:21:35PM @jaybird:
Parker,Thanks for the information. Very helpful. Now I understand it.Jaybird
02/06/09 10:21:22PM @cathaus:
Thanks Parker. Word on the street is that New Orleans would rather have another visit from Katrina rather than another Cathy visit!!!
Keith Mauck
02/13/09 11:51:42AM @keith-mauck:
Hey Parker,Just dropping by to say hello. Have one "shale" of a day. Also, there some new profile questions. Check those out by clicking HERE. We are also coming up on our 10,000th member. Be sure to celebrate with me. Click HERE for more about that.
02/15/09 06:45:09PM @sarah2:
Thank you Parker. And how kind of you to say so. :) I hope things are going well for you too!
James CD1
02/23/09 08:21:45AM @james-cd1:
Thank you for that info. Please let me know if they do. This well is very closeto me, but so far no lease offers. Maybe this will be good news. Thanks again.
Snake Stewart
02/28/09 11:45:14AM @snake-stewart:
Hey Parker,Thinking about another get together next weekend. Let me know if you and Big "D" would be interested. I would like to take this opportunity to try and raise some help for the 2 families that have been mentioned of late on the site that are going through bad times. Have a good one
03/02/09 05:02:02PM @ibuyundivideinterests:
Thanks for the note.I am new to the site and appreciate you letting me know the rules. I had noticed someone offering to buy mineral interests, so I assumed as long as it pertained to the topic, it was fine. Thanks again
03/05/09 12:20:17AM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Parker...I finally got your message. I had five emails stating that you had sent a message but when I clicked on my site there was nothing there.Much appreciated!! You are too sweet. Heck, forget the lemonade...I'll just suck right on the lemons! Stay well...
03/05/09 09:43:42AM @antsu-in-japan:
Parker...Japan has presented me with some interesting takes on "life." I really do know what drew me here but I had wanted to come since I was a small child. It has been one of the most interesting journeys of my life.Have you ever been here?
lanadan Ds3
03/07/09 06:34:54AM @lanadan-ds3:
Go to "LEASING" (started by Rodney Fisher 2/7), see my post dated 2/15. These thoughts can only be understood by marrying this up with my entry under "DISAGREEABLE . . .". You might want to make note of Jay's response to the 2/15 post. His "come-backs" sometimes seem to be on the "smart-alek" side of the fence, do you think? These "know-it-all" kinds of comments is what, at least to me, give some landmen a bad name. (Just for fun category - I'm making a quick post on the recent submitted "Cliches" subject -- check it out!)
Snake Stewart
03/09/09 01:07:30AM @snake-stewart:
Its just not right. This site shouldnt be headed in that direction now, after all thats been accomplished. There is room for everyone , as long as people try to respect one anothers personal space. Too much over the edge stuff of late.Have a good one.P.S.Neither of you gals ever really need help. It simply became past due for someone else to be heard. It wasnt chivalry , it was the right thing to do. It was too lateI for KB and her self destruct button but I just didnt see it coming. Hadnt been following to keep out of trouble.I have been trying to be peaceable with everyone in the last few weeks or so. Looks like I may have just been on an extended vacation instead of turning over a new leaf. (LOL)
03/13/09 06:56:07PM @bob11:
thank you. that's quite kind. I find it needs finessing; there's certainly much more substance to be added.
Big Daddy, bcnr
03/15/09 09:39:53PM @big-daddy-bcnr:
Parker, We did have a blast down in da Purchase! I will definitely tell my co-workers how many gators, armadillos and snakes I saw roaming the streets. I will NOT tell them about the paradise thing though. Hopefully someday I can come down and not come back here.
The ShaleRider
03/16/09 12:54:39PM @the-shalerider:
Hey...we understand...our kids come first. Congrats to yours for doing so well at the competition!
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
03/22/09 05:22:14PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
parker. Please send me the date for the WSF HA app public hearing. I remember it but did not record it for some reason. It's getting where the public hearing list is so long, I hate to go back through them all to find it. Besides, Les B and I are having an on=going discussion attempting to reconcile my map and his grid. Regards, Skip
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
03/22/09 11:38:42PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Thanks for looking. I remember it well as it is the only WSF HA unit app. I"ll find time to look for it next week. Good night.
03/24/09 03:45:50PM @sarah2:
I agree. I have to fight it too. And there are plenty of blessings to be thankful for. Praying God's protection over our country in the mean time. I'm glad you're here on this site. The ultimate optimist!
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
03/30/09 10:44:34AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
parker. At Les B.'s suggestion, I have deleted his file containing the list of HA units. And the associated discussion comments. We certainly don't mind you having a copy. He and I double check each other and discuss when we have discrepancies but normally do so on our personal pages. His list represents hundreds of hours of work and is an example of the kind of detailed information that individuals and companies pay people like me and Les. As it is how we make our living, it is inappropriate to post on an open website such as GHS. Why should anyone pay for something that they can get for free? I trust that you will understand. And if you would care to ask questions or join in some of the data tracking that we do, please feel free to do so.
03/30/09 11:04:53AM @cathaus:
Good morning Parker. What have you been up to lately? I have been trying my hardest to stay out of trouble! That is a full time job for me. How is your son? He is into his last 9 weeks of school now! Can you believe how fast this year has sped by? Amazing to me how the days fly!
03/30/09 01:09:17PM @cathaus:
My best to your son on his competition. I am glad that you have a new vehicle to drive. If you want to stay awake, load up the car with 12 year olds. They will keep you alert!!It is my favorite time of the year. I love all of the blooming flowers, bushes and trees. I sure could do without the pollen though. I wished that we live closer to each other, we could walk, talk and solve the world's problems!!
03/30/09 01:26:34PM @cathaus:
I recommend a rescue dog. You won't believe how much love you will receive! This little guy that we have brought into our home and hearts is the most incredibly loving and giving pup that we could ever hope for. He has healed a hole in both of our hearts.I love hearing you say you are renewed! Now you can expect those around you to be renewed also. It is contagious!
Two Dogs, Pirate
04/03/09 12:38:26PM @two-dogs-pirate:
Parker the accident was from no vision.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/07/09 01:08:20PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Bobi. I have been off playing hooky and now find myself playing catch up. I have a client who received an unsolicited royalty purchase offer from Empire Energy Corporation. Does the name ring a bell? I thought there might have been some discussions on the site while I was gone but the search commands don't work worth a darn. I haven't used them in quite a while and wonder if it's a new development. Sometimes I wish Keith would stop trying to "improve" the site. LOL!
Kathy Morgan
04/08/09 08:53:23AM @kathy-morgan:
Thanks! I just love Sonja Bailes she is so sweet. I've been doing her and her husbands taxes for several years and she mentioned wanting to do the interview last week. It was fun, but made for a long day.
Snake Stewart
04/10/09 12:55:47PM @snake-stewart:
Thank you Parker. The feeling is mutual my friend. Hope things are going good for you. I will be looking for you this next weekend if things work out.
Snake Stewart
04/10/09 01:15:17PM @snake-stewart:
It was originally planned for the Friday night before our SWAMO meeting on Saturday the 18th. We will have to reschedule the SWAMO meeting because of several conflicts but would still like to get together so everyone could sign the sympathy cards for the two families. If Saturday would be better, let me know. It would give most , more time to get whatever needs doing out of the way. Friday evenings arent great for me but at the time it was the best option. When is the shooting ?
04/12/09 02:39:13AM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Parker...Ohhhh, you mentioned blackberries. How could you????How have you been? I hope you are having a GREAT weekend. I've been chatting with Cooter regarding the 'bow' that President Obama made. Interesting read that made me think about a few things. So many people seem soooooooo angry with our President for his so-called behavior around the world. I don't know what spin the US media has on him...but the foreign media is finally starting to paint the US in a far brighter light than before. That, in my opinion, is a truly TERRIFIC thing. If it was the bow that made the difference, I pray he bows again!! Please enjoy Easter...Stay blessed and thanks for dropping by!!
04/13/09 09:55:48PM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Parker....Japanese magnolias are beautiful, aren't they. They are everywhere in my neighborhood...but are in second place to the cherry blossoms right now. There is something about people stopping what they usually do just to drive near the trees (as I went out of my way to do) or sit under trees with blossoms lasting a few weeks out of each year. I had my windows down during a drive along a tree-line road yesterday. The falling blossoms flying all over the place really did wonders for my health. Sucked all the stress from work (and political posts on this site!!) right out of me. HAhahhahaaa...sorry. Just HAD to go there.I would LOVE to host my shale friends during a trip here. When I get my B&B up and running, you guys should come for a visit. Now THAT would be ...shale-abulous!! What do you think???
04/14/09 12:33:47AM @sesport:
Thanks for the comment.Best always - sesport :0)
04/14/09 08:41:13AM @herefordsnshale:
I bowl about like the president does!
04/14/09 01:11:29PM @bossierpops:
04/14/09 10:17:23PM @antsu-in-japan:
Loved the haiku. Please keep on writing...Japan has been kind to me over the years. And people are generally friendly. But what I LOVE the most about living here is that people are actually concerned about people other than themselves. It's not all about "me, me...ME!!" And contrary to what some people have said in regards to my posts on Japan, they don't see themselves as socialist...just a caring part of something bigger than a single individual. Anyway, by taking care of community indirectly means that they are also fostering a group that will be in a stronger position to eventually take care of them. They grow from not only speaking their minds but from listening to what others have to say and trying to understand how they may feel. Yes, as you mentioned, some in here refuse to allow for other opinions. They don't want new ideas or growth...just a bunch of drama (and as Jim Krow noted in a post I read today) a lot of attention. I really shouldn't judge them for enjoying the limited world they live in, as I once made my life in it as well. Fortunately, I have outgrown that...and boy am I thankful!! Overly-proud peacocks strut around squawking loudly because they have nothing better to do...or else they simply don't know any better.Being one of a few hundred Americans in a city of over a million, it is hard to constantly see America questioned in a light that you do not see it in. Still, the growth that results when you can drop the "arrogance" long enough to acknowledge that other people may see us differently and will relate with us accordingly is a reward all in itself. I don't feel this overwhelming need to CONQUER or SILENCE those with opinions that differ from my own. I swallow that "medicine" and become a stronger, more focused person as a result.Of course, there are people like that in the States, such as yourself and others I have had the privilege of meeting here, who want to understand the various (and often opposing) views circulating. Frankly, chatting with the likes of you guys has been a gift. Stay blessed...and open to that which broadens your horizons!! We all benefit...
04/15/09 07:46:49AM @antsu-in-japan:
WOW, Parker!! I LOVED it even more than the first one (and I loved that one!!). Very strong meaning there.Yes...for entertainment only...!
04/15/09 08:59:32AM @antsu-in-japan:
Parker, I have never written haiku before but I wanted to voice my thoughts regarding the inspiration you bring to all of us here in the shale:The black noise of beesmuffled by warmth brought to lightgave rise to your shineAnyway, please don't laugh!! Talk again soon...
04/15/09 09:30:33PM @antsu-in-japan:
Man...would I love to go blackberry, blueberry (heck...I'm so hungry for greenery, it doesn't matter the color!!)...picking with you. I won't be able to make it this summer but will definitely try some other time.I like the idea of peaceful silence. If more of us could learn through silence...Anyway, please keep writing. And let me know when you release your first book. I'd like a signed copy!
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
04/15/09 10:14:23PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
parker. The foul language and the personal attacks over the last two days have caused me to consider whether I should continue to participate on GHS. And Jay Murrell and his unsavory accomplices just keep piling it on. The site is in trouble.
04/17/09 03:14:11PM @cr:
Hi Parker, this is Charlie from the Tartan Festival, the Border Scot. I'm trying to find what you told me about but can't find it. If you don't mind, write me when you get time and let me know where it is and thanks for coming by my booth! I'm CR in the DeSoto group.
04/18/09 12:48:32PM @cr:
Parker, I was the first booth with the display boards of border names and places. I had on a red statute cap, sword, spurs, and the tall leather boot leggings. We talked about the shale and your son was going on about how everywhere you go you run into fellow Haynesville Shalers, lol. You told me you had posted some info on the Carr family? I think that's what we talked about. CR
Les B
04/19/09 02:03:32AM @les-b:
Parker, thanks for your positive feedback. It is an honor to try to help whenever I can.Les
04/19/09 10:48:09AM @cathaus:
If Mr. Snake makes one more comment about my support hose and sensible shoes, he will never be able to remove the tire tracks from his back. I'll run him down again! It was fun. I was pooped and slept through the storm that came through Blanchard and knocked the electricity out.Memo to self: Margaritas and Bowling----------not a good mix!!!
Joe Dyer
04/19/09 03:33:34PM @joe-dyer:
Parker,good idea. I just wanted to see the different comments on this issue.It's been about 50-50, Thanks you have had the best answer, Joe
04/21/09 09:59:58AM @cr:
Hi Parker, I'm glad your son is interested. Most kids these days aren't the least bit interested in history. My son could care less. If it's not on the end of a rod and reel or the sights of his deer rifle, it's not important, lol. My wife just goes along for the ride. She's not too much into it all either. It's the young people like your son who will pass it on. That's why I was there, to tell people that everyone with Scottish blood was not a kilt wearing Highlander. There's 4.3 million people with border Scot heritage in the US and I'm always up for a good debate on the issue. I hate I missed the post you had when it was current. I haven't been on this site in a long while.They are about to frac our well. They drilled it with no problems, going almost 5000 feet horizontally. The first attempt to frac found a crack in the vertical portion of the casing so they're working on changing it out now. The Camterra well in the adjacent corner from ours is producing 15mmcfd on a choke. They don't have that posted but I've been over there and read the flow meter. I hope ours is at least that good. We didn't sign a lease with J-W after CHK pulled out on us so we're 55 acres at 100%. If it's close to15 million, it won't take too long to pay for itself and then we'll start getting revenues from it. They say they'll come back and drill up to 6 more. I say hurry up and start drilling! Randal Davidson, our attorney, will help us with the legals. He's the man when it comes to the legal stuff. He charges by the hour and doesn't rip you off. He came and talked to our group one evening and told us what to expect. He's got a J-W well in his section and he brought the paper work that J-W will send us. He's not leased either and he calmed alot of the fears and answered the questions we all had about not signing a lease. If you aren't signed, give him a call.If you do pull that discussion back to the front, let me know. I'd love to read it.Go to this link and you'll see my page. These are the people in Scotland who have made me their US rep. Some of the festival pics are on there too.
04/21/09 01:15:14PM @cr:
Parker, This link is to Number 2 and 4 are the best. They explain border life and all about the border reivers. The Steel Bonnets is the one I had at the festival. good source of info is Electric Scotland. Both of these links will take him to just about everything there is about the hope this helps and keeps his interest up. You can email me anytime if he has questions and I'll try to answer them.CR
04/21/09 08:13:33PM @taylor:
Sorry you didn't get some info on your well. I'm sure it was a good one... it will be out before too long. How are things in your beautiful neck of the woods?
Jon Williamson
04/21/09 08:17:06PM @jon-williamson:
Great thanks...I was wondering how private messaging worked on here
04/21/09 09:24:59PM @taylor:
Its a jungle around here too-- you can't let St. Augustine grass get too high.That is exactly what my husband said-- He wants a fancy lawnmower, oh and a "drawdown" boat for Bistineau since they can't get rid of the Salvinia .Uh..When I looked at the prices of those mowers... come on fringe! LOLWe hope to see everybody soon! T
04/21/09 11:12:48PM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey there! The kombucha with ginger sounds interesting. I used to send my father green tea leaves form here so that he could brew it at home. If you'd like to try an assortment of Japanese teas, just let me know. I will send you a care pack.By the way, kombu is VERY healthy. I eat a lot of the different sea vegetables (or seaweeds as we'd like to think) Japan harvests. I hear that they are actually higher in nutrients than many of the foods we eat. Kombu, for instance, rivals sweet corn in the amount of phosphorous it contains. Also, a substance found in kombu is known to help eliminate toxins from the intestines. I usually add fresh kelp to my salads and I even added hijiki (a brown sea vegetable) to my crab cakes last week. Pretty healthy stuff...
04/21/09 11:31:18PM @antsu-in-japan:
I'm gonna try Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale the next time I visit home. Japan has mellowed me out...I need a BIG kick!! HAhahhhh...Sleep well, Parker! I'm going to get a massage...before my English students come and yell at me about the homework they have to do!
04/22/09 01:21:38AM @antsu-in-japan:
I know...don't you just LOVE a good massage!! By the way, did you get a chance to check out my white chocolate-raspberry triangles? I added macadamia nuts...VERY popular with my guests.I would love to try these with blackberries. Anyway, been doing any cooking lately?
James CD1
04/22/09 08:37:06AM @james-cd1:
Dont know what S, T, R you are in but I am still waiting to see reportwell # 238527 - I am close in S 34 T17N R13W. I have a copy of preapplication notice from lawyers for Petrohawk to create 2 additionalunits and force pool sec.27 and (I think 22). The conference is Apr.301000am Clarion hotel on E 70th. So, by this maybe they were pleasedwith well # 238527. Sec 27 takes in some of Bickham Dickson park,some of LSU (baseball,socker fields, and Haven Sub. Getting closeto me. JW is doing same to the south of Sec. 3 also.
Jon Williamson
04/22/09 03:26:06PM @jon-williamson:
Done and thanks
04/23/09 08:50:19PM @iris:
Thanks, this picture was taken by his babysitter, she kept him here in Florida & then she & her family moved to Texas not long after he moved.
James CD1
04/25/09 01:34:39PM @james-cd1:
Planing on going to preconference meeting and no, I haven't requesteda log. Don't know how.
James CD1
04/25/09 02:34:23PM @james-cd1:
Parker, I was not sent the pre application notice but a friend of minesent me a copy of the notice. Sec. 27 is north of sec 34 (my section)but they did not send a notice to me. I still am going to the meeting-I have been to one last year just to see what happens, what is said, etc.So, if they are this close to me, I am going notice or no notice. I don'treally understand how this works because JW is doing the same thingsouth of me ( I own a small tract in Sec. 3 and they sent a letter topeople in sec. 3 even though it was sec 2 that was the proposed unit.So why didn't Petrohawk send letters out to the Sec. that was adjoinging?So at the meeting, do I have a right to ask for the log?
04/25/09 09:07:23PM @sam-cd2:
Hey,My husband and i are in Somerville, tx this weekend for the hawgs of tx biker rally. We are blessed and highly favored. How have you been? I'd really like to talk to you again. We've been extremely busy. Let me know if you can get together next week.Many blessings,Sam
04/25/09 11:17:07PM @cottontop:
Thank you Parker. Now I just need to get her Ins. company off their butt and find something out about my auto. They have not called me yet. I called them 3 times already. They are dealing with an ex-insurance agent and I know that they are falling down on the job. I faxed them the police report and estimate Tuesday, the day after the accident and they were going to contact the body shop that day. As of Thursday, it had not been done. I gave them a break and did not call Friday, but Monday, I will be on that phone.How are you?
Ben Casselman
04/30/09 12:15:19PM @ben-casselman:
Parker,Glad you liked the article. Would have loved to plug GHS--I think it's a great resource--but I could barely fit everything I needed to into the story as it was. If I end up doing more of a feature-style story on the Haynesville in the future, maybe I'll be able to mention GHS then.Best,Ben
James CD1
04/30/09 08:35:31PM @james-cd1:
Parker,Hope you got my reply re the hearing today. If not, let me know and Iwill send it again.
w.r. frank
05/05/09 05:55:39PM @wr-frank:
Probably so. It was a reply under Blount Farms (CHK). He probably was replying to something else.
Dion Warr, CPL
05/06/09 03:04:04PM @dion-warr-cpl:
Parker:Not so much back as 'checking in'. Work has been nuts lately, and considering that I am grateful to still be working, I've been throwing some effort at that. Also, our group has been doing some due diligence for a client with some current rights in the HS area, and I'm not wanting to get too close to the fray until that activity is concluded. Feel free to drop me an email 'til then... --DLW
05/06/09 04:06:41PM @cathaus:
He failed miserably at humor. I don't think that suffering, whether by humans or animals, is funny. How would he feel if that was his cows or worse, his family pet? I bet he wouldn't find the humor in that.
05/08/09 09:14:04PM @cathaus:
How funny! The next time we all go out to eat, we are going to tell Snake to meet us in Bossier and we are going to Shreveport! That will show him.
05/08/09 09:15:14PM @cathaus:
I think a berry picking outing would be fun. We could then all make berry cobbler and home made ice cream for an evening get together that same day!
Tom Ballou
05/16/09 07:19:59PM @tom-ballou:
Thank you for the greeting Parker. I'm glad my brother introduced me to a very lively forum. Looking forward to perusing the threads for fun and information...thanks for your canine mirth... makes dog sense to me!
Two Dogs, Pirate
05/22/09 08:50:46PM @two-dogs-pirate:
Parker, I am deep into a bunch of hard stuff and trying to run at full throttle plus and I am Pimping My Ride, the go-cart. New sound system with navigation, amps and subwuffers. Will be back on GHS at some point but for now I am doing what I do best, spending money and buying leases.
Mrs. Cannie
06/01/09 09:25:09PM @mrs-cannie:
Thanks Parker. It's a pleasure to be added as a member of the Haynesville family. Although Mr. Cannie shouldn't have all of the fun, he usually does. All of this stuff is way above my head. I am working on it. I will be back again soon....Jeanne
06/15/09 01:43:42PM @sam-cd2:
Yes, everything is going well here. Haven't heard anything from the well though, except what was posted 5/14/09, completion ops. We are excitedly preparing for our beach vacation, which we are leaving for on Friday. Keep in touch.SAM
06/16/09 08:48:27PM @bossierpops:
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
06/17/09 12:21:54PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
parker. Other than the drive-by landmen who wish to diss the membership, Grayshales is the member I am most concerned with. I understand how his demeanor is viewed as non-threatening on the main page. It is his long history of posting inaccurate information and promoting conspiracy theories on the group pages that concerns me. He is careful to appear respectful and non-confrontational on the main page. Have you wondered why Keith felt compelled to create an alternate Claiborne Parish page? Have you followed his rambling incoherent posts that repeat the same things over and over. I stopped engaging with Graysands/shales long ago because he is a disturbed personality who has the potential to cause harm if anyone was to actually believe his posts and follow his advise. He is not harmless IMO. And any industry member who posted the inaccurate information and promoted the conspiracy theories that Gary has would have been run off the site long ago.
06/24/09 10:02:07AM @jdt:
Parker thank you ! yes they do have that option to renew for two years. But I thought we got to negotiate on the bonus for the next two years?
06/24/09 01:12:43PM @sam-cd2:
Just letting you know that we are enjoying the beach life. I called chesapeake before we left for vacation and the well in our section went into production 5/30/09. I thought you might like to know that bit of information. She told me that it would be 4 to 6 months before we received a division order though.SAM
06/24/09 01:39:53PM @cathaus:
hey stranger!Good to hear from you. Home made ice cream sounds wonderful. We are all well, celebrating Kelly's birthday tonight with the kiddoes and grandkiddoes. I hope that Austin is having the time of his life this summer. Summer was invented for kids!
06/27/09 07:10:58AM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Parker!! How are you? I am well...just trying to enjoy the great weather. I'm not too much into winter. I'm sweating and loving it!!
07/20/09 04:50:21PM @bossierpops:
07/22/09 01:28:32AM @gambler:
Thanks, Yea from what i have been reading it is a crap shoot for production. When you run the calculations it seems like alot of money for them to pay out when you add in all the other land owners. I just dont see how they can pay that much and still be making money?????
07/22/09 05:01:57PM @insomniacnla:
Hi!I finally found a phone number for someone with Encana who would speak to me about their future drilling plans. The guy was really nice, in Dallas, and checked to see if my section was on their 6 month drilling schedule. It was not but maybe yours is. He even said that I could call back anytime.If you want it, let me know and I will email it to you.
Keith Mauck
07/22/09 05:54:39PM @keith-mauck:
I like the profile picture...I was wondering if it would ever be changed!
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
07/22/09 07:30:15PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
parker. No and yes. That is one of the interesting aspects of this application but not actually a rare occurrence. Also this is the first application in 11N -9W and thus an extension of the Play. But there is another interesting aspect that is quite hidden from the majority of members. In fact I suspect that the only one who may know is Les.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
07/22/09 07:35:26PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Think expiring lease terms. And non-contiguous unit sections.
07/30/09 12:36:47PM @rosebud:
Parker,I was in SteinMart yesterday and just inside the front door, on the right as you walk in, they had a display of giftbags and one design looked exactly like your picture of Karma - who I suspect is no longer 6" 8"!! LOL! The bags were really cute - not a typical bag shape but kinda' cut out like the dog itself.I'm trying to think about Christmas - what I don't get done by Thanksgiving never gets done. Denise is buying a house, I'm sure that'll mean some enjoyable trips to Texas over the next few weeks.
Les B
07/31/09 01:26:14PM @les-b:
Parker, the title looks fine to me.
08/04/09 12:44:38AM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey there, Parker. Just keeping a watch out for all the craziness that is going on in this world. For all the wonderful people such as yourself out there, there are so many others who are down-right HATEFUL. It saddens me...
Margaret Wren
08/04/09 01:06:14AM @margaret-wren:
Great, thanks for asking
Major Bonnie
08/06/09 10:57:12PM @major-bonnie:
What a sweetheart. I'm happy for you and your son. What did you name her/him? By the way, would you send me your regular e-mail address again--I want to send you some press releases. I misplaced it. See You soon. B
Les B
08/08/09 11:01:45PM @les-b:
Parker, thanks for the heads up on the rig move.Les
Snake Stewart
08/09/09 06:28:21PM @snake-stewart:
Hey Parker. Just dropping in to say hello & hope things are going well. Later.
Keith Mauck
09/02/09 11:34:54AM @keith-mauck:
thanks for the heads up
Keith Mauck
09/02/09 12:22:27PM @keith-mauck:
indeed - inform him that he has his his first warning - number results in a ban
Directional Driller
09/09/09 02:10:09AM @directional-driller:
i havent heard anything about it they tend to keep things to themselves
09/11/09 12:13:23PM @cooter:
I have no idea??
Brian Holman
09/16/09 03:35:08PM @brian-holman:
Is this Parker Yelverton?
Brian Holman
09/16/09 03:50:52PM @brian-holman:
No, but still looking. Know of anyone hiring?
Brian Holman
09/16/09 05:09:08PM @brian-holman:
Thanks for the ideas I was able to get in touch with America ROW and Petrohawk and send resumes, but I wasnt able to locate this Two Dogs company. When I google it all that comes up is dogs for sale. Can you give me a little more info?
Brian Holman
09/16/09 10:28:07PM @brian-holman:
Parker thanks for the clearing that up, but I tried to sen him a message an it said something like "sorry but the user chooses to moderate messages". I dont know if the message went through. Thanks again and sorry to flood you with so many problems.
Deborah Durst West
09/17/09 12:29:43PM @deborah-durst-west:
Thanks Parker, great to meet you too!
John Kluge
09/18/09 10:01:31PM @john-kluge:
Thanks for the compliment! Unusual, to say the least
09/22/09 01:58:20PM @the-baron:
You asked:Baron,Can you put up the steps to how you obtained the plat for the Grayson wells in the Sonris section?Or did you find this information somewhere else?I'll do a quick blog.
09/24/09 12:22:26PM @rbh:
I am not sure about who Les B is.
09/24/09 10:16:34PM @rbh:
09/24/09 10:45:56PM @rbh:
09/24/09 11:05:28PM @getoverit:
Thanks. I've been here. Just sitting back, trying to stay on top of what's going on around me. =) Not commenting a lot. Just taking it all in. lol
10/20/09 05:28:31PM @the-baron:

above is the official plat from State lands. Survey was in 1837, appears that there was a lake there (probally formed by the great raft), They surveyed around the lake. My Tobin maps show the old lake boundries as a dashed line, but no section 37.

10/20/09 10:57:11PM @gregoryk:
Not coming to New Orleans to see "Haynesville"? What kind of Shaler are you? I thought you guys go where ever there's a party. We show at Tulane on October 26, then to England for the Sheffield Doc Fest (a huge honor in my world), then to New York on November 12. I'm hoping to set up a benefit screening at the Robinson between November 14 and December 20.
10/20/09 10:58:37PM @gregoryk:
Are you signed up for updates on Sign up and I'll keep you up to date. Thanks for your interest in the film. I really, really appreciate it.
Keith Mauck
10/22/09 12:24:41PM @keith-mauck:
Cheers Parker
10/27/09 10:51:51AM @rosebud:
Every woman needs a pair of red stilettos!
10/27/09 02:35:39PM @rosebud:

You'll have to go to Victoria's Secret for the matching panties but here's a good purse - if it was any bigger, I think one would call it luggage!! I haven't bought a purse in probably 15 years, ever since I started making my own.The pug puppy is adorable - I think all the little graphics are really cute!

Keith Mauck
11/13/09 12:10:03PM @keith-mauck:
So you and Snake share a birthday! Happy Birthday!
Big Daddy, bcnr
11/13/09 08:45:31PM @big-daddy-bcnr:
Happy Birthday Parker!
11/18/09 12:46:43PM @jffree1:
Parker, I had a blast. What happened to you...? We were looking for you to appear for happy hour/dinner.
11/21/09 02:21:03PM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Parker. Hope all is well. I see that Prez. Obama's mere existence STILL causes some in here to stretch their undies in a wad. LOL. Oh well! Guess they will have to ride it out...Stay blessed...
11/21/09 02:21:46PM @antsu-in-japan:
By the way, happy belated birthday!!
11/24/09 01:19:39AM @catwoman:
I'm referring to some Emission Techs that really shouldn't be. Often I find myself doing Lunch and Learn sessions for guys that are clueless as to the expectations of their plant, their company, OR the state and Nat'l regs. They don't even know about the 250ft free zones surrounding the nat'l parks.
Snake Stewart
11/25/09 01:32:53PM @snake-stewart:
Hey Parker,Just dropped by to say hello & say I am sorry I missed your birthday.Happy Thanksgiving
Dion Warr, CPL
12/22/09 06:52:44PM @dion-warr-cpl:
Parker:Hoping to see something good come out of it. J-W's Sec. 5 well in the township was disappointing, especially considering HK's IP right next door in Sec. 6. Of course J-W was initially plagued with some bad luck and a little slow coming out of the gate (not mention that they got partnered up with Camterra on a couple of those early horizontals, which I would wish on no one). Fortunately on the Elm Grove structure I think there has been enough bites of the apple now that there shouldn't be much left to prove technically other than minor tweaking of the completion and frac procedures to suit what G&G expects to find. We'll see though. Thanks for the heads up - I hadn't seen much past the unit order establishing the HA in Sec. 4 and showing two prospective locations.Hope all is well, and Merry Christmas to you and the fam.-- Dion
12/30/09 08:17:26PM @pipeliner:
Thanks-it was a duplicte.Pipeliner
01/03/10 12:11:37PM @texws6:
Where's the thread located?
01/03/10 12:26:46PM @rosebud:
I forget to check my Comment Wall! I'll write back this afternoon - we're doing O.K., the police have only been called once! LOL!
01/04/10 05:19:02PM @thomas-walker:
Les B
01/09/10 04:02:58PM @les-b:
Parker, thanks for the heads up on the Nabors #M46 Rig. I will include in next week's report when I can verify which well. Both wells must be planned to be drilled from large pad as the surface locations are only 477' apart.
Keith Mauck
01/20/10 05:08:41PM @keith-mauck:
Thanks for checking in Parker. Doing great. Just been really busy. Hope you're well too.Best,Eric C. Camp
DrWAVeSport Cd1
01/27/10 06:01:23PM @drwavesport-cd1:
Parker,Haven't missed too much per your insights into the Shale! In fact, when I have time, I usually go down my list of "Shalers" I keep an eye on...and check all their recent postings. Of course, yours is at the top of my list! Thanks for keeping us all informed. And believe me, saying Thanks to you and many other GHS alumni, is quite inadequate. I am chasing an O&G "rabbit" at the moment per some reporting that looks "sideways." Just told James, looks like phase II HBP drilling will be moving fast for 2010. No one is wasting time. I guess the XM/XTO stamp of approval is getting some heads turning toward ng. Looks like XM's going to adopt and take on the raising of little newborn "ng," Richest parent in the World! Maybe little "ng" will grow up to be that golden energy child we need! Independent-Healthy-Abundant-and-Strong. Looking forward to handing OPEC their walking papers! LOL Have a Great One! Hope you and yours have a great 2010! Will let you know if I find out what's going on with the O&G "rabbit." Or, if I catch it!DrWAVeSport Cd1 1/27/2010
Jim Edwards
02/02/10 03:09:07AM @jim-edwards:
Working on getting a pipeline. Never had one figured I would try it. Might work.
Jim Edwards
02/02/10 01:29:05PM @jim-edwards:
Yes they are on the pipeline. have a super. Take care, jim
Les B
02/05/10 12:19:42PM @les-b:
Parker, thanks for the rig information.
Les B
02/10/10 10:12:30AM @les-b:
Parker, thanks for the information. Do you think it could be #240669 or #240515 instead?Les
02/13/10 01:08:19PM @pg:
How'd your goat do at the fair?I'm in goat keeping for the long haul as they are our dairy source. Been using goat milk for so long, cow's milk seems kind of weird now...So far this year one of our does has had her babies and we have 3 more pregnant does to go. Don't know what I'm going to do with all the new ones! Can't have milk without them having kids though..
02/16/10 10:49:26PM @cathaus:
I have had all of the WET cold weather I can take. It is time for the sun to shine, the ground to dry up and warm weather to make its way here!
Pud Puller
02/19/10 04:45:41PM @pud-puller:
I would start with a CPA with expertise in the oil and gas industry. Remember, it is in the interest of the operator to charge you with every expense they can in order to push payout up. I don't really recommend being unleased myself; if you have a 25% to 30% lease you are way ahead of a working interest owner for the same percentage. With the lions share of production of shale wells coming in the early years you might see slim pickings after "payout" is reached. I think go as an unleased mineral owner almost guarantees you will end up in court going against the operator sometime in future.
02/27/10 08:50:32AM @greenwoodshale:
Thanks Parker for your information , that was suspected by us.
03/02/10 10:41:01PM @h1:
When I saw yours, I had to put up my "redneck" snowman. Fishing pole, net, double-barrel shotgun, charcoal eyes, dogfood teeth and dog chew toy. lol.
03/04/10 01:01:48PM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Parker!! How are you?? I am doing pretty good...waiting for warmer weather to grace our city. Those cherry blossoms are still in waiting, as well. We're getting snow again this week! Anyway, stay warm.
03/04/10 02:41:25PM @mattie:
Parker, I just logged in as your "friend". I'm not much for facebook or other such communication venues, but wanted to respond to your question - I don't have any knowledge of anything in Bossier Parish being involved in this sale by Encana - it appears that most of the acreage shown at NAPE via map involved scattered, smaller tracts, and not necessarily their full holdings in the region. I know this to be a fact because my family holds interests in much larger tracts in this same area, but the acreage is not included. I can only assume that Encana and SWEPI will attempt to drill some of our acreage before it expires mid-year of 2011. I hope this helps you. I willl advise if I learn anything new later.
GR BallouPE
03/08/10 05:38:42PM @gr-balloupe:
Did I give you a re'sume' ? I'll copy one if you'd like, tomorrow.Lib'ary closing...(My qwerty don't have no accent egue' ' ')
03/11/10 08:16:20AM @harborhooter:
Guess we both like the beauty of a sunflower. Have a good day, week, year, etc.
03/27/10 01:20:13PM @adubu:
Parker--needs your knowledge on pipeline ROW. Energy Transfer constructing 26" pipeline and due to neighbor in flood zone it will be sectionally drill laid 4' under our property for ~72 rods. They will clear 50' permanent easement above. The land is in county and is cattle and timber land. What the market rate for this type easement per rod?
03/30/10 10:28:11AM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Parker!! It snowed cherry blossoms in sight. Stay well and warm.
03/31/10 07:28:16AM @adubu:
parker--as per comment below--looking for top marker rate or what has Energy Transfer has paid for 50' permanent and 25' temp to lay 26" pipeline vs 50' easement above drill section lay? Both involved across property 1/2 drill lay then surface for standard construction the other 1/2.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
03/31/10 11:44:48PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Comments are not showing up on your Les B. blog post. I posted and then when another member did also, I looked and neither of our comments were there. Strange.
04/02/10 07:58:22AM @adubu:
was $700 rod for 26" line in 50' easement or >26" pipe or since permanent easement 50' pipe size indifferent? Was this a gathering line from his well or his well running pipe for connecting into a transmission line in area? This pipeline across our property is a 26" transmission line of ~ 14 miles to another transmission line that runs to the Henry Hub storage is what I understand. TY for reply
Kat Bloomfield
04/03/10 08:42:40AM @kat-bloomfield:
Bobi Carr: nice pic although I ain't buyin' the "innocence!"How's Cujo? if you're in town today, pop by.
04/03/10 11:18:32PM @adubu:
what you said was helpful I thing Tx and La ROW would be similiar
kenya coleman ridgeway
04/28/10 09:21:39AM @kenya-coleman-ridgeway:
Hi, can you elaborate a little more on which you are speaking of.How what change occured?
kenya coleman ridgeway
04/28/10 10:59:13AM @kenya-coleman-ridgeway:
Hello Bobbi,This is Kenya, I was struggling with understanding to all of your email and could probably grasp better information through a phone call. My information / (312) 890-9101 If possible call me at your earliest convience.
kenya coleman ridgeway
05/08/10 10:10:24AM @kenya-coleman-ridgeway:
oh ok thanks.question? do you know if there is anything going on in that sec?
05/08/10 09:49:18PM @shaleeee:
Thanks - it helped - I appreciate it - I always watch for your post - good advice and food for thought. I just finished watching the movie "Jane Austen Book Club" and had to laugh at your "Jane Austen's Guide to Leasing" above this comment - so funny and so right on! I might need a mint julep to pull off the fan fluttering but if it helps. . . Ha - If you ever write a book I will buy the first copy! (G.R.I.T.S. LEASING IN THE SHALE)
05/09/10 01:03:45AM @cathaus:
Hey Bobi..........sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope that she is doing better. I have another friend with a parent with the same thing. Unfortunately, he is not doing well at all and it may mean his demise. I know about your friend's Dad passing away. I was up to the wee hours of the morning and saw the obituary that morning. I immediately emailed her and told her how I grieve with her and for her. She emailed me back and we had a good laugh about the Haynesville talks we used to have all hours of the day and night. I need to get in touch with her again. I told her to picture him as he is now......PERFECT. Lets get together when your schedule clears a bit.
Les B
05/26/10 11:44:48AM @les-b:
Bobi, I assume they were referring to the following discussion:
Kat Bloomfield
05/29/10 07:30:38AM @kat-bloomfield:
you're the coolest shaler!
James CD1
05/31/10 12:14:33AM @james-cd1:
Thanks for the email. Makes me feel better. I have a petrohawk well in mysec.34 but it is drilling north into 27- well #240478. Hope it will be a good oneand then maybe they will drill south.James
06/09/10 01:39:00AM @fayelo:
Thanks Bobi. Can't wait for the big bang.
06/13/10 10:45:38PM @sligo:
Have you received your notice for the hearing to form new units in South Bossier. Encana wants to desolve 8 units of 640 acres and create 4 revised units of up to 960 acres. Their purpose is to hold more acres with less wells, therefore they can drill 4 wells and hold the same amount of acres. This means that the royalty money would be split more ways and you will get less money from a particular well.
06/14/10 10:21:23PM @sligo:
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
06/15/10 09:06:17PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Have you received the Encana pre-application notice letters with the odd shaped, larger than 640 units for South Bossier City?
Dion Warr, CPL
06/23/10 01:59:29PM @dion-warr-cpl:
I've been ducking in every now and again. Can't disrepect the day job though.I looked at your comment about Kristi thumbing back through my wall. Anything ever come out of the AMI covering 3-16-12?
Dion Warr, CPL
06/24/10 10:48:43AM @dion-warr-cpl:
Bobi:Not sure. I know J-W has struggled with the learning curve on getting quality completions in the HA. It's a shame because they have a good position on the Elm Grove structure. An AMI or farmout with HK would seem to be the better bet, IMO. Let me know what you find out; I know you can put your ear to the ground better than I can at this point. Thanks.
Big Daddy, bcnr
06/27/10 09:54:10AM @big-daddy-bcnr:
No, thank you for sharing Odie's story. Glad to do a little something from afar.
11/15/10 11:52:09AM @antsu-in-japan:
Hey Parker!! Hope all is well!! Getting cold??
Les B
12/17/10 10:43:00AM @les-b:
Bobi, Merry Christmas to you and yours also. I hope you have a great holiday.
Linda Whatley
01/20/11 01:11:32AM @linda-whatley:
Glad to have you as a friend Bobi. Looking forward to meeting you at the seminar on Feb. 5th.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
01/21/11 10:46:10PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Bobi, I just got a look at the sponsors for the NARO meeting and its really got my antenna twitching.

Chesapeake - Phillip Energy Partners (local mineral buyer/broker) - Ilios Resources - tfg Financial (tfg is Tim Fitzgerald, Laura Fitzgerals husband.

Kat Bloomfield
01/28/11 08:27:22AM @kat-bloomfield:
Bobi Carr, what a HOT photo! Hope you have a great weekend and yes, I still need to borrow your power washer. It's time to powerwash the backyard and shrubbery with simple green. Bugs be gone for Spring!! Kat
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
08/08/11 02:33:43PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:
Hi, Bobi. Maybe. Depends on which stateline you are referring to. And I'm sure there's more lonely farmers out there! LOL!
09/01/11 03:55:04PM @inthestix:
Hey Bobi...not to get too far off the you're kinda HOTTTT!!!!! to be taken as a compliment!
09/03/11 12:29:23PM @krkyoldhag:
I am watching the weather reports and remember that a lot of places flood during these storms endangering their livestock. I have 89 acres that has two ponds that did not go dry that is 6 miles from DeBerry. Anyone who has worries about water or flooding is welcome to put their livestock on my place. The fences will need some repair..and there are the two deep pits that oil co drilled ...but its dry and has water. NO CHARGE. I have not had cows on there since 1979.
Skip Peel - Independent Landman
02/23/12 09:34:03PM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Hi, Bob. That's above my pay grade. Sorry. Skip

Aubrey C. Sanders, Jr.
03/01/12 03:47:41PM @aubrey-c-sanders-jr:

Thank you much, Bobi. Good to formalize our relationship.

Skip Peel - Independent Landman
09/06/12 11:08:47AM @skip-peel-independent-landman:

Bobi, please refrain from giving support to any of Gosh Darn's ridiculous conspiracy theories. The guys a nut. Regards, Skip

Jim Edwards
09/24/16 06:04:27PM @jim-edwards: