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Tim Tarr
@tim-tarr • 4 days ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on Trenton / Black River:
"I noticed RRC on those few (3) utica are drilling into trenton on at least 2 wells. I assume for core samples. Trenton isn't  that much deeper than Utica in..."
Tim Tarr
@tim-tarr • 2 weeks ago • comments: 2
Posted a new Comment on TransCanada gets OK for pipelines to move natural gas from Marcellus, Utica shale regions:
"Rover and Atlantic Sunrise have now both been approved."
Tim Tarr
@tim-tarr • 3 weeks ago • comments: 24
Posted a new Comment on GoMarcellusShale:
"Rover approved"
Tim Tarr
@tim-tarr • 2 months ago • comments: 12
Posted a new Comment on Anything happening in Greene County, PA?:
"Something that might be of interest is the Majorsville plant is only at 73% of capicty. Per MPLX 3 Qtr report. RICE is one of the few able to raise $$$...."
Tim Tarr
@tim-tarr • 2 months ago • comments: 13
Posted a new Comment on Higher Prices from Antero, but EQT and Ascent Staying Low:
"Simple answer is Antero has pipeline capacity to better markets. Known as "Market Differential". Check out each companies presentation. There is plenty of..."
Tim Tarr
@tim-tarr • 3 months ago • comments: 32
Posted a new Comment on Rex called my buddy said they are broke:
"Sign nothing unless you (your buddy) are 100% sure what it says. REX wouldn't need any signature to "assign" the Lease. Only exception would be if there is..."
Jeff Kerr
11/06/13 05:09:12PM @jeff-kerr:

yea Tim the well is dry on our unit that is what they said even tho its in the wet zone Bummer We are in springhill twp hell I can throw a stone in to wva. lol few miles north of Littleton WVA WE ask for marcellus only and thought that is what we got hate that chesp got all 3 shale plays for one price Wish the info was here 3 yrs ago they got over on a lot of people who did not know about the other plays. and that was by design on there part I am sure. well started up 9-24-13 no money yet only one leg I hear in dec they are putting in a nother leg its a 800 acre unit how do we know if the gas co is not giving us a bunch of BS on this I was sure it would be wet gas please keep me posted thanks Jeff

Jeff Kerr
06/19/14 06:08:37PM @jeff-kerr:

Tim can eqt take severance taxes out of our royalty checks. I thought I read they can not do that please give me your thoughts on this thanks Jeff Kerr