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@finnbear • yesterday • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Green Township in Harrison County, OH:
"It was a rhetorical question."
@finnbear • 2 days ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Green Township in Harrison County, OH:
"Is anyone actively drilling and producing coalbed methane in Harrison County, OH today?"
@finnbear • 2 days ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Green Township:
"BS story. The only way to tell what rights you may have or may have been transferred away is to to a comprehensive title search for that particular piece of..."
@finnbear • 2 days ago • comments: 11
Posted a new Comment on How drilling and completion costs have dropped in the Marcellus and Utica.:
"Page 21 of the February 22, 2017 presentation found on this page"
@finnbear • 2 days ago • comments: 20
Posted a new Comment on Royalty relationships with the producer:
"Deductions for processing and transport were taken with older leases too. That is not something new."
@finnbear • 3 days ago • comments: 58
Posted a new Comment on Rice Energy royalty payments:
"Which unit?"
@finnbear • one week ago • comments: 58
Posted a new Comment on Rice Energy royalty payments:
"There is a BTU rating for each well listed on the monthly statements."
@finnbear • one week ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on U.S. Continues to Lead World in GHG Reductions - New IEA Data Shows That — Thanks to Shale Gas :
"Calling Paulie...where is our resident fractivist?"
@finnbear • one week ago • comments: 58
Posted a new Comment on Rice Energy royalty payments:
"I just looked and my last month's check from Rice was postmarked 2/16/17. YMMV."
@finnbear • one week ago • comments: 58
Posted a new Comment on Rice Energy royalty payments:
"Where does one go to follow these prices? I'm also interested in following this for another county where I receive a pittance on an old Clinton-formation..."
@finnbear • one week ago • comments: 58
Posted a new Comment on Rice Energy royalty payments:
"GPOR shows $2.13 and Rice shows $1.83 on my statements for 11/16. Rice shows they sold a little more gas than GPOR did but paid me double what GPOR did. I'm..."
@finnbear • one week ago • comments: 58
Posted a new Comment on Rice Energy royalty payments:
"I've seen the exact opposite. I'm in a unit where there is roughly a 48/52% split with GPOR having the 52% and Rice having 48. My Rice checks have all been..."
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Jay Perkins
04/05/11 11:25:16PM @jay-perkins:

For info on the Washington Twp Group contact Mrs Perkins.


The Tri-Star lease was 90 Bus. days!

Bernie Horabik
04/29/11 08:17:45AM @bernie-horabik:
My property is located in Richland Twp about 1.5 miles South of I 70.
Jonathan Blair
06/13/11 06:01:08PM @jonathan-blair:
What do you think a fair price in richland township in belmont county is? I have 82 acres unleased their.
Jonathan Blair
06/13/11 08:31:16PM @jonathan-blair:

finnbear, let me know if you received my email address?

06/15/11 11:12:40AM @marc4:
Thanks for the info. I'll try contacting a Harrison or Jefferson group.
Olin Hupp
07/08/11 08:50:59AM @olin-hupp:

Thanks for the advice. Other members of my family have signed. I seem to be the hold out. When I see numbers like $2000 / acre vs their offer of $1250 it seems they are looking for a big payday for an introduction. In their meeting they dropped their numbers at about $25 / acre which would be more reasonable if the final signing was for $1275/ acre. Plus I see little about Pro-Classic Real Estate (Tony Olszko) from Bedford, OH.

Olin Hupp
07/08/11 09:03:38AM @olin-hupp:
Finnbear - Do you know of a non-profit land group operating in Morgan Co. I live in Maryland and only hear some of the Ohio news.
Jeanette Krunich
09/15/11 03:10:56PM @jeanette-krunich:
Actually, I am helping with a landowner group in Guernsey County. One of the Landowners has acreage in Smith Twp, Belmont. They was wondering if I knew of any landgroup in that area and I remember reading something on go marcellus. Name was Jeff Burns. I gave him an email posted there cainfamily.... Jeanette
Lee Kinney
09/22/11 01:50:46PM @lee-kinney:

Hi Finnbear, I am new and read alot and you seem to be keeping up on things, I asked to be friend to PM you about an offer and your thoughts only because I am told tomorrow is a deadline by neighbors.

Monroe Co Landowner
10/01/11 12:58:06PM @monroe-co-landowner:
Do you know what Wishgard is signing landowners in monroe co?
time will tell
10/03/11 06:58:13PM @time-will-tell:
Hi Finnbear my email is
Sharlene Stuart
10/17/11 09:13:31PM @sharlene-stuart:
Thank you so much for the info and the quick response!
James Wallen
10/19/11 04:13:36AM @james-wallen:
How does a drill put a hole in the ground and then trun sideways and bore a hole? I am in the learning stage so bear with me.
Rich Koehler
10/20/11 09:17:41AM @rich-koehler:
Finnbear - I don't spend enough time here to efficiently work the site. I clicked "send a message" and ended up here. I don't know if this is off list or not, but I also don't know if she meant the town or the township, which are quite a little ways apart. I'll try to find some other way to contact you if this isn't right.
Rich Koehler
10/20/11 10:43:58AM @rich-koehler:
Okay, I finally figured out there is a message system here. I have added you as a friend so in theory I can send you a message. However, it doesn't seem to work yet. I'll keep trying.
11/02/11 11:50:03PM @twitch:

finn I''ll talk to you PM to answer questions. don't want to let too much out yet.


11/03/11 01:51:33PM @belmontlandowner:
thanks for your help!
11/04/11 11:11:36PM @twitch:

finn check your inbox, if i did everything right you should have a message.


michael moschella
11/22/11 07:45:58PM @michael-moschella:

Finnbear if you ever want to discuss sign-up bonuses in wayne please feel free to call me as i stated i work for a gas company in pittsburgh pa and we are going to drill every lease we get so your attorney friend doesn't really know what he is talking about 330.439.8340 we are now paying 1700.00in wayne county and especially around paint township e have a very large position already look forward to hearing from you thank you

12/02/11 11:32:14AM @belmontlandowner:


Can you offer any assistance on my post 'vested mineral rights'? Do you know any thing about this or can you direct me to an attorney who might?

glenn troth
12/22/11 10:04:43AM @glenn-troth:

Thank you Mr. Bear!! If this is correct, you have given me the BEST Christmas present ever. Even better than that Fort Apache with the cowboys and indians I got back in 1959.

Rick C-73
01/17/12 12:14:09PM @rick-c-73:


Thanks for the help. Mickgyver got back to me yesterday with the email and phone numbers for the S-G landowners group. I sent parcel number to the emails and left a voice message.

Appreciate you getting back to me

Karen Porter
02/01/12 01:18:54PM @karen-porter:

Thank you Finnbear...I would be interested in searching to see if we have any coal rights on that 20 acres. You can email me at if you like. I appreciate your help.

Kathi Albertson
02/17/12 09:26:59PM @kathi-albertson:
I have 89 acres in Guernsey County HBP and would like the name of the attorney that you mentioned a few months back. I'm new to this blog but very interested. You can email me at albertsons2@frontier.comKathi Albertson
02/27/12 08:33:57AM @johnlarrydickerson:

it was in the steubenville paper, one we never get.

03/30/12 02:07:32PM @boop:

I know for a fact Wishgard doesn't pay everyone !! You sign the " Paid Up Lease" , they do the research , & then you get paid IF ....IF they flip it even if you have a clear property . It has happened to some people in Guernsey Co.

07/07/12 01:18:20PM @chris54:

the lease maybe easier to have resolved but the contigency fee agreement may result in a litigation.

02/05/14 06:34:04PM @chrisco:

Hello Finnbear. Thank you for the friend request. Feel free to contact me if you or anyone you know has questions about selling their minerals. I work for a mineral buyer and would be happy to share my perspective if it could help anyone. My email is

11/11/14 11:53:13AM @z3z528:
Hey finnbear thanks for the add! Im in noble co, buffalo township. Just was curious as to the last name of the person ur related to in that area. I couldnt read your reply last time i asked this question. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!